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Bookkeeping - Tax - Payroll - HOA Management
Full Service Bookkeeping 
Income Tax Preparation
Payroll Processing
Each client is provided with an individualized plan that will enable you to spend more time running your business into profits. We offer assistance with your regular billing, accounts payable, reconciliation of financial accounts, budget preparation and other full service bookkeeping tasks as needed. We offer flat rate fee-for-service packages or hourly rates depending on the size or complexity of your monthly financial tracking needs to help you stay in your budget. 
Annual federal income tax preparation is available for individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations and small governmental agencies. We provide honest and thorough services that have consistently left taxpayers with more money in their pockets. We e-file our returns and provide easy access to your completed returns using our Securefile Pro Portal. 
We can assist you to maintain full compliance of employer reporting requirements using our payroll services or through an external processor. Services include processing of payroll, submission of payroll liability payments, quarterly employer reporting, new hire reporting and income verification reporting. We package everything into an affordable bundled service without the hidden fees.  
Our Commitment to you:   
*Accuracy   *Integrity  *Service  *Transparency

Our services go ABOVE and BEYOND what other bookkeepers or accountants may offer at an affordable rate. Why should you get poor service just because you operate on a budget? 

What's included in our fees:
** 24/7 Access to our staff for questions, tasks and concerns
** Remote Access to your QuickBooks file using Qbox by Coraltree
** Access to your tax documents using our secure portal
** Monthly and Annual file organization
** Pickup and delivery of receipts, documents and statements
** Personalized attention so you can have piece of mind


Quickbooks Integration
Clients who are already using the Quickbooks Desktop or Online versions can sync up with our office in multiple ways. Desktop software users will be added to our QBox by Coraltree server specifically designed for the robust desktop system. Our team are experts in the desktop and online software for Quickbooks and can assist you throughout the month to help you stay up-to-date with your financials. 
Tax Return Audit and Review Services
Everyone becomes that 1% that is audited by the Internal Revenue Service at one point in their life. Don't feel discouraged or anxious about the process. We can review the return under audit, assist in preparing for full transparency and guide you through the process. We have had great success with our tax services and continue to take a ZERO change status with the finalized audit decision. 
Review Services for Added Piece of Mind
Are you currently using an online software to track your business transactions such as Xero, QuickBooks Online, Sage? If you are comfortable doing to majority of the number crunching but would like a second pair of eyes then review services are ideal. Depending on the frequency of the reviews, we will review your company file, make adjustments to align with accounting standards, verify balances and provide a financial statement package at the end of each period. These services are designed for those who are more hands on with their bookkeeping. 
Business Startup
Entrepreneurs can be confident in our structure setup services. We review the goals and intent of the company or nonprofit and help you determine which company structure is right for you. We process all the filing requirements through the Secretary of State, Internal Revenue Service, and other State or Federal Authorities. We make it simple to get you started on the right foot. 
Notary Services
Walk in or by appointment notary services are provided to those looking for a third party service to affirm their documents. Prices vary depending on the type of document or number of pages. We will review the document provided and go the extra step to ensure you are completely taken care of.