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"Crane-Quist Ventures is the best place to go for personalized services. We are very happy with their work."
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At Crane-Quist Ventures, we value our clients and strive to meet each need their business has. Although we can't hit every nail right on the head, we certainly strive to do so. We are proud to have received recognition for our services and wanted to share them with our potential clients. We know you will be happy you chose to partner with Crane-Quist Ventures and thank you for your continued business!
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"I can certainly tell you from experience that I would highly recommend this company. Marcy has been doing my bookkeeping for over 10 years and I am so thankful and blessed with her service. Even my accountant, I have had since 1985, told me to tell her she does a complete and excellent job. He was thankful when I got her to do my bookkeeping because it made his life a lot easier at the end of the year. I can only guess that I didn't do so well in that department! I needed to stick to running the business, not the books! Now Crane-Quist Ventures (CQV) will take care of all my bookkeeping and tax needs since he is now retired." - Fran Hurley, Health Coach

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