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Bookkeeping - Tax - Payroll - HOA Management
Financial Management 
Website and Homeowner Communication
Architectural Committee Facilitation
  • Assist the board of directors in developing and executing the annual operating budget
  • ​Reconcile the bank accounts and provide monthly financial statements
  • Track and monitor reserve funds, grants received and endowments
  • Coordinate payment with vendors and maintain proper record keeping of expenditures
  • Invoice, collect and monitor annual assessments and facilitate payment arrangements as needed
  • Assist with collection of late assessments including providing representation with the local court for all small claims action taken against non-payers.
  • Work with legal assistance regarding foreclosures against non-payers
  • Annual Tax Return preparation and reporting

1. Are your homeowners not paying their dues timely and your current management isn't collecting?

2. Does your management company nickel and dime you for every task completed?

3. Is the board having difficulties keeping on track with their budget?

4. Do you have to wait too long for the management company to respond to requests?

5. Do you speak to different people with different answers when the board needs help?

If you are experiencing these issues, contact us today to get you back on track!
  • Create and maintain the association website
  • Common Area reservation facilitation
  • Liaison between the board members and homeowners
  • Provide homeowners with meeting minutes, financial statements and governing documents
  • Monitor discussion boards and answer questions or requests
  • Maintain a record of all modifications completed and their corresponding blueprints and permits
  • Coordinate with the Architectural Committee regarding new modification requests and ensure the homeowners receive quick responses
  • Monitor and document all violations and assist the board with proper resolutions

Administrative Management
  • Maintain up-to-date homeowner database with current contact information
  • ​Handle all HOA mailings including newsletters, annual meeting notices and dues notices
  • Attend all board meetings and provide an account of violations, requests and changes made
  • Assist the board with the annual meeting elections including coordinating a ballot committee, ensuring a quorum is present and creating and tracking ballots
  • Assist the board with facilitation of maintenance calls and vendor payments
  • Access management for communities who are gated or have a gated common area
  • Assist the title companies with resale certificate packages and proper transfer of records. **Additional fees are assessed at closing, a portion is kept with the HOA. 
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When submitting your request please provide a brief summary of your HOA needs, the number of plats of land within your subdivision and your full contact information.

We will reach out to you and schedule an intake appointment where we can formulate a plan of action!

Crane-Quist Ventures provides a personalized approach to all their services. We have a dedicated Business Manager for your community that is 100% involved in the every day activities of your homeowners association. Our staff can assist with all requests and work directly with the Business Manager to ensure quick and timely responses. Your association's needs are our priority and our team is dedicated to provide outstanding services and peace of mind. 

Below we have outlined the scope of our services available to your association. Each HOA service plan is designed around your number of plats and the specific needs of your governing documents.